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At Smile Studio, we believe that your smile is one of your most valuable assets. It’s often the first feature people notice about you, so it’s important to maintain a healthy and aesthetically pleasing appearance. That’s why we offer a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry services—each designed to accentuate, enhance, and revive the natural beauty of your smile. 

From professional teeth whitening, to veneers, and even facial rejuvenation—we have something for everyone. Our Stillwater, OK team will work with you to determine the best treatment plan to help you achieve the look that you want. Keep reading to learn more about our services!


Are you looking to make a big change in your smile while avoiding invasive procedures? We have the solution for you! Dental veneers are thin shells of ceramic that are placed over the front surfaces of your teeth to cover up any imperfections—such as chips, gaps between teeth, or discoloration. Veneers can help you achieve a natural-looking enhancement or a dramatic transformation in just one visit! 

Many offices typically require at least two appointments for veneer application, but our office uses CEREC technology to fabricate and place your veneers on the same day! This means you’ll get the same beautiful results with fewer steps.

  • First, we will take a digital scan of your smile and design the perfect veneers for you. 
  • Then, we’ll import the design to our milling unit to construct your customized veneers. 
  • Once they’re ready, we’ll place them on the front of your teeth using a special adhesive. 
  • Finally, we will make any necessary adjustments to ensure the best fit.
  • You’ll walk out with a beautiful, natural-looking smile!

Zoom® Teeth Whitening

If you want to restore the sparkle of your smile quickly and painlessly, Zoom teeth whitening is a great option. In just one hour, we can brighten your smile by up to eight shades! The process utilizes a special bleaching gel activated by a light source to lift the stains on your teeth. 

  • We start with a thorough cleaning to remove any plaque and bacteria from your teeth. 
  • Then, we’ll apply the Zoom whitening gel to your teeth and activate it with the light source. 
  • The light accelerates the whitening process, breaking down the molecules of stains in your teeth and lifting them away. 
  • Once we’re finished, you’ll have a bright, beautiful smile! 

For long-lasting results, we recommend avoiding staining foods and beverages such as coffee, red wine, and tea for the next 48 hours.

Facial Rejuvenation

At Smile Studio, we offer cosmetically pleasing treatments that go beyond the smile! With facial rejuvenation, we can relax and soften your facial features to help you look more youthful. 

Facial rejuvenation is a popular injectable treatment that helps reduce wrinkles or fine lines on the face and neck. We use the injection to relax the muscles and calm excited contractions that cause wrinkles to form; the most commonly targeted areas include the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the smile, and around the eyes. Patients may also consider facial rejuvenation to calm jaw joint tension and TMJ pain.

Facial rejuvenation is administered in a single visit, and the results will last from three to six months. After the treatment, you may feel some mild tenderness or notice redness around the injection sites; these symptoms should subside in a few hours. 

At Smile Studio, we believe that everyone deserves a beautiful and confident smile. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that meets your expectations and helps you achieve your smile goals. Contact us today for more information about our cosmetic dentistry services!

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