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Don’t Miss Our September Implant Offer!

Everyone dreams of having the perfect smile. We all wish we could have completely straight teeth with no gaps, and each tooth was flawlessly white and the perfect shape. Unfortunately previous accidents, poor oral care, or just mother nature can prevent people from having the dream smile they have always wanted. At Smile Studio we want to bring that perfect smile to each of our customers at an affordable price. We know that feeling good about your teeth can boost confidence, self-esteem, and bring joy back to your smile.

That’s why all September long we are offering an implant special to give our customers the smile they have always wanted. Implants help fill gaps from missing teeth or replace damaged teeth by positioning the implant into the jawbone then mounting artificial teeth on top. Implants will not slip or shift once they have been placed and no extra care is needed other than the same upkeep recommended for natural teeth. Keep in mind in order to be a good candidate for implants you must have healthy gums and strong bone to provide adequate support.

Implants and the extraction of teeth can be very expensive and are often not covered much or at all by insurance companies. We recognize this makes it difficult for people who are looking to better their smile do so without breaking the bank. That is why in the month of September we are offering a single implant procedure for just $2,500, and the removal of a tooth followed by an implant placement for just $3,000. These deals can save you up to $1,200!

Take advantage of this limited time offer and bring confidence back to your smile. Contact us today to inquire more about our implant special and to book your appointment. Let us give you the smile you have always wanted and the one you deserve!